Fayetteville bond projects to link trails - Nearly $6.9 million would go to constructing about 10 miles


Stacy Ryburn of theNWA Democrat-Gazette posted another installment of his ongoing story about the impact of passage for the 10 bond questions. Sunday’s article focused on our ever growing network of trails.

It won't be the first time city voters will be asked to use bond money for trails. A $2.1 million referendum from 2006 helped build what became the Razorback Greenway through the city.

Fayetteville has a fiveyear trail plan it updates with recommendations from the Active Transportation Advisory Committee, a mostly resident panel focusing on sidewalks and trails. About $1.5 million annually is dedicated to the plan, which is enough to build about 2 miles of trail each year.

"The mayor's committed to continuing that. If the bond passes, then it's an addition," Trails Coordinator Matt Mihalevich said. "It's really going to allow us to get ahead on some of these projects by going above the 2 miles per year of new trail and catch up with some of these more difficult projects."

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