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Preserving the one-penny tax will provide the City of Fayetteville with $214 million in new funding.


Question 1:

Refinancing the Current Sales Tax Bond

Through sound fiscal management and broad population growth, our city has been able to pay down our existing bonds to the point where they can now be refinanced and generate substantial revenue without raising taxes. By renewing our existing one-penny sales tax, we stand to gain $214 million in new funding for a host of city projects. But without voting yes on Question 1, none of the additional projects will be available.


Question 2:

Road and Street Improvements Throughout the City

Completion of Road Improvement Projects, prioritized by the public as part of the Fayetteville Mobility Plan, will result in new roads, pavement repairs, improved intersections, and increased traffic capacity, as well as sidewalk, transit and bicycle facility enhancements.

  • Funding for infrastructure improvements in the Dickson Street and Downtown Square areas - focusing on increased and improved sidewalk connections, lighting, and wayfinding

  • Increasing walkability and pedestrian comfort with signal upgrades

  • Continued expansion of the City’s sidewalk network

  • Intersection and signal improvements for more efficient traffic flow

Some of the corridors and intersections being considered are:

  • Completing the last missing segment of N. Rupple Road for the arterial loop

  • Improvements to Zion Road from Vantage Drive to Crossover Road

  • Improvements to the Porter Road, Deane Street, and Sycamore Street corridor from I-49

    to N. College Avenue

  • Improvements to North Street and Mission Boulevard from Garland Avenue to Old Wire


  • Improvements to Highway 71B, to implement the recommendations from the Highway

    71B Corridor Plan currently in progress

  • Improvements to the 15th Street and Razorback Road intersection near Baum Stadium

  • Improvements to the Millsap Road and College Avenue intersection near Whole Foods 


Question 3:

Trail Improvements for Pedestrians & Cycling

These trail projects will improve our city’s pedestrian and cycling trail network to provide alternative transportation, wellness and recreation benefits.

  • Completion of the Tsa-La-Gi Trail (near MLK Blvd)

  • Connections to Centennial Park via the Shiloh Trail and connections along Old

    Farmington Road

  • Creation of the Sublett Creek Trail to make connections from North Street and Mission

    Boulevard, through Evelyn Hills Shopping Center area, to College Avenue near

    Woodland School

  • Extension of the St. Paul Trail to the proposed paddle park at Pump Station Road, across

    the West Fork of the White River, and connecting with neighborhoods east of the river


Question 4:

Drainage Improvement Projects 

After the April 2017 major flooding event, the city identified over 100 projects that impacted our businesses and residents. These bond projects will help reduce flooding risk, protect property values, enhance safety response during flooding while assisting water quality improvement through reduced water and sediment runoff.

  • The Little Missouri Creek near Old Missouri Road and Mud Creek Trail

  • Areas near Fairlane, Elmhurst, and McClinton Streets

  • E. Country Way Road and Ferguson Avenue, close to Gulley Park

  • The area of Sunbridge Drive and N. College Avenue

  • And other areas where residents are regularly impacted by flooding


Question 5:

City Park Improvements

This investment will provide improved neighborhood parks, expansion of baseball and soccer fields, add new camping, canoeing, kayaking, and mountain biking facilities, and the purchase of lands for parks.

  • Completion of the Kessler Mountain Regional Park baseball complex

  • Improvements at Lake Fayetteville

  • Camping amenities at Lake Sequoyah Park

  • Enhancements to park facilities like the Yvonne Richardson Community Center

  • A paddle park on the West Fork of the White River

  • Acquisition of future park land to include a partnership with the Fayetteville Public

    Schools for purchase of Lewis Fields


Question 6:

Job Creating Economic Development Projects

This Economic Development fund is for land acquisition, site development, and infrastructure improvements to foster public/private partnerships to provide flexibility for recruiting businesses and to enhance Fayetteville’s workforce development and job growth.


Question 7:

City Facilities Improvements

This series of improvements will create more efficient working spaces and energy use, continuing the internal implementation of our City’s EnergyAction Plan as a role model for other cities to follow. This allows Fayetteville to provide services to residents in a timely manner and keep them safe while our beautiful City continues to grow.


Question 8:

Cultural Arts Corridor With Expanded Parking for Dickson St

Construction of the Cultural Arts Corridor is a considerable investment in our City’s economic development, including new or replacement parking facilities. This project will transform the downtown area into a destination experience for residents and tourists.

The Cultural Arts Corridor is a public investment on public land for public use. The Corridor will create a community hub for large and small performances, festivals, visual arts, and so much more. It will be a catalyst for additional shopping and eating in the downtown area, while also increasing bike trails and connections, and improving streets and walkability.

The Cultural Arts Corridor project will ultimately put our community’s cultural values on display for generations to come. It will celebrate our local arts culture; preserve the environment, urban forest, and watershed; and create accessible and enjoyable gathering spaces in central Fayetteville for residents and visitors.

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Question 9:

Police Facilities Improvements

This is for the purchase of land and construction of a state of the art Police Public Safety Headquarters to keep up with our growing city needs and ensure we remain a safe community.


Question 10:

Firefighting Facilities Improvements 

This is for the purchase of land and construction of three new fire stations and fire apparatus to reduce emergency response times and to help our community retain its low-cost insurance rating.

More Questions:

The City of Fayetteville has set up a Question and Answer page that is taking public questions on many of the bond initiatives. You can find that page by clicking HERE. OR email us.

We’ll try to get you an answer as quickly as possible.